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Buy digital currency

How to start investing with Hoard

Connect accounts

Connect any debit or credit card accounts you want Hoard to follow spending.

Spend money

Hoard will round up spare change from every purchase to the nearest dollar.

Earn Bitcoin

Then we automatically draft and convert spare change to Bitcoin, and store in your wallet.

Grow Wealth

Watch your wealth increase as you starting hoarding digital currency.

More Ways to Invest

Hoard gives you the flexibility to decide how much and how often you want to invest.

Mobile App Coming Soon!

Hoard Platform Features

We're currently building web apps to operate public beta testing. Soon after, we'll release native applications on iOS and Android. Here's a list of what you can expect...

  • Micro-investing - Invest spare change.
  • Automated splits - One click investment diversification.
  • Buying & selling - Buy and sell cryptocurrency.
  • Multi-currency wallets - Wallets for all cryptocurrencies.
  • Currency swaps - Instantly swap any currency for another
  • CSaaS - Cold storage as a service locks your coins offline.
  • Identify protection - Profile privacy provided by Civic.
  • Peer to peer - Payments between friends and family.
  • More to come... - Stay tuned for updates.

Hoard Mission Statement

Hoards mission is to accelerate mainstream adoption of digital currencies by removing the need for exchanges, trading experience, or in-depth market knowledge.

We're determined to lower barriers of entry by offering easy to use wallets, simple currency buying, familiar investment advisor services combined with popular financial planning tools common to the modern banking ecosystem.

Our team is committed to this vision and dedicated to investor relations, wallet security and increasing customer wealth.

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